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Fraud Crimes

Miami Fraud Crimes


There are many different types of fraud crimes Miami prosecutes on a regular basis. In recent years, new laws have been enacted surrounding fraud crimes and penalties have become stiffer than ever before. If you are charged with any fraud crimes Miami attorneys are available to help defend your case in court. It is very important that you contact your attorney before making any statements to law enforcement officials. While Miami fraud crimes cover a broad spectrum of fraud and theft situations, some of the most common fraud crimes are described here.Credit Card Fraud
Credit card fraud charges result when the defendant uses stolen or fake credit cards to purchase goods or services, or obtain money. Credit card fraud includes using another person’s information to apply for a credit card.

Forgery is on of the most serious Miami fraud crimes and involves using false documents to obtain money or to injure or defraud another person. Forgery can be charged as a state or Federal crime, depending on the circumstances. Penalties also depend on many different factors, including the number of people defrauded, the nature of the forgery, and the financial loss caused by the forgery.

Identity Theft
Identity theft involves using another person’s identifying information to secure money, property or to avoid criminal charges. Charges of identity theft are very serious and is usually accompanied by other fraud or theft charges.

Medicare & Medicaid Fraud
Medicare and Medicaid fraud are generally charged as Federal crimes and carry significant penalties. This type of fraud involves billing for services not rendered, billing for medication not provided, and billing for unnecessary medical devices and procedures. Because this type of fraud is extremely complicated, it is very important that you contact an attorney immediately upon being investigated for health care fraud of any kind.

Money Laundering
Simply stated, money laundering involves making illegally-obtained money appear as though it was obtained through legitimate means. This crime covers many scenarios and circumstances, and is prosecuted aggressively in Miami.

Mail Fraud
Mail fraud is a very serious Federal crime carrying penalties of up to 30 years in prison and extremely stiff fines. Mail fraud involves using the US Postal Service to send information with the purpose of defrauding another. Mail fraud is often charged in addition to other fraud crimes such as identity theft and insurance fraud.

Tax Fraud
Tax fraud is a common crime involving deliberately falsifying information to avoid paying taxes. Charges of tax fraud carry hefty penalties and can take years to sort out. Contact an attorney immediately if you are being investigated for tax fraud.

Because fraud cases can be difficult to prove and often involve lengthy, complicated investigations, contacting an attorney at the earliest possible point in the investigation and before making any statements to investigators can greatly increase your chances of successfully fighting the charges.