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Computer Crimes

Miami Computer Crimes


Most computer crimes involve using the Internet to commit fraud or identity theft; these crimes may be investigated by the FBI. Computer crimes and cyber crimes are evolving rapidly as technology changes and advances, as is legislation governing the use of computers to engage in illegal activity. If you are questioned about or charged with any of the following computer crimes Miami attorneys should immediately be consulted due to the often complicated investigations that follow.Wire Fraud
Using the Internet to commit fraud is generally charged as wire fraud. One of the most serious Miami computer crimes, wire fraud may be charged as a Federal crime since the crimes committed under wire fraud generally cross state and even national lines. Wire fraud is a broad category of computer crimes and can include tax evasion, conspiracy, bank fraud, money laundering, phishing scams and many other charges related to theft. The sentence for wire fraud includes large fines and prison time of up to 30 years.

Charges of sabotaging corporate or governmental databases, either by hacking, introducing viruses or otherwise manipulating data, are extremely serious crimes that can result in penalties of up to life in prison. Depending on the circumstances, these may be charged as Federal crimes, which may even include charges of terrorism. Because these types of crimes are aggressively pursued by law enforcement officials, if you are under investigation for any of these computer crimes Miami attorneys should be contacted at the earliest possible point in the investigation in order to help protect your rights.

Cyberstalking is the use of the Internet to harass or cause emotional harm to another person. Charges and penalties depend on the circumstances surrounding the crime.

Because of the nature of computers and the Internet, a variety computer and cyber crimes may be charged in addition to other charges such as child pornography, copyright infringement and piracy. Investigations into Miami computer crimes are often lengthy and complicated, and can result in the seizure of your personal or work computer. Contact your attorney as soon as possible if you are under investigation for a computer crime.