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Florida Charity May Have Functioned on Fraud and Forgery

FL Brings Fraud and Forgery Charges Against Charity

Mr. Stein Could Be a Victim of Bureaucracy

An Altamonte Springs resident by the name of Mike Stein ran a charity that was established to help homeless families and disabled children, but the State of Florida is charging Stein with a variety of crimes that include forgery, fraud, and identity theft in the operations of Alliance for Neighbors, a charity that the state claims was entirely fictional.

Stein is accused of signing documents in other people’s names, inventing people to sign documents for, and even inventing a certified public accountant in whose name he had documents signed. Clearly, if these charges are true, the actions suggested are highly illegal. However, accusations are not the same as convictions.


Forged Signatures, Foreclosed Houses, and a List of Stolen Identities

Technology today makes it all the easier for those who wish to commit fraud or identity theft to accomplish their goals all the easier, but the very same technologies that make such crimes more possible today make catching a forgery equally easier. If Mr. Stein committed these crimes, wouldn’t there be an immense paper trail in evidence and wouldn’t that paper trail have had myriad opportunities to be audited?

In the case of Mike Stein, the alleged forgeries continued for years during which a whole variety of professional and governmental organizations would have had every opportunity to uncover a supposed conspiracy of such a large nature.

Mike Stein is letting his lawyers do the talking, and he is likely a wise man for choosing as such. One should never add a litany of statements to the police to any evidence already accrued in instances where one is accused of forgery. Arguments with the police are fruitless and even counterproductive, but certainly when accused of fraud or forgery, anything you say will be assumed untrue by police. That will not stop them from using such arguments against you in court, so as always, anyone accused of forgery should seek legal counsel from a lawyer specializing in forgery cases.