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Big Boobs Blamed For DUI Charge


Big Boobs DUI Defense With Legal CouncelA Port St. Lucie woman by the name of Maureen Jane Raymond was detained under suspicion of driving under the influence. Officers claimed to witness Raymond driving over 50 miles per hour in a 35 zone while supposedly veering across a double yellow line repeatedly before she parked across two parking spaces at a local business while being pulled over by officers.

The surprise was not that Raymond denied intoxication after police claim to have witnessed her stagger while walking and slur while speaking but that she had conceived of such a unique defense against the battery of field sobriety tests performed by the officers on scene. Maureen Jane Raymond claimed that her large breasts were responsible for both her difficulty driving and her difficulty maintaining balance.


Are Big Boobs a Legal Defense Against DUI?

Maureen Jane Raymond most likely believed she could not complete balance tests because her large breasts make her top heavy. When officers denied her argument and demanded that she complete field sobriety tests, she began to undress as if to illustrate the size of her breasts all the clearer to the officers on the scene.

Cup size may not seem like a legal defense and driving while intoxicated is never a good idea, but a lack of balance and difficulty standing can just as easily indicate a physical ailment as it indicates being under the influence. If you ever find yourself in Maureen Jane Raymond’s shoes, remember that your actions and the things you say before an officer can and most likely will be used against you. The right thing to do is to keep your arguments to yourself and let your lawyer make them in court. Nobody wins an argument with a police officer.

Police officers can arrest you, but their job is not to determine your innocence. A judge does that, and your lawyer is the person who should argue in your defense. Say as little as possible and get yourself a lawyer. After attaining a lawyer familiar with Driving Under the Influence law and DUI defense, you will find that there are far better defenses against a DUI charge than immense mammary glands. The subjectivity of field sobriety tests and even field sobriety testing equipment is in your favor. Stripping when the police pull you over, however, rarely is.