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Small Texas Town Arrests Celebrities on Drug Charges

Texas Town Stalks Celebrity Potheads; Brings Drug Possession Charges

Possession was the case they gave them.

Sierra Blanca, Texas is barely around anymore, having lost much of its population once an interstate made the town even more off the beaten path than it already had been, but this has not stopped the border patrol agents of Sierra Blanca from using their legal powers to arrest Americans, both famous and not, for drug possession and its various associated charges.

Of note, Snoop Doggy Dog, Willie Nelson, and Armie Hammer have all been charged with marijuana possession by legal authorities trusted with the responsibility of protecting America’s borders. Exactly how invading the rights of innocent Americans via invasive and unwarranted canine searches protects our borders is of some debate to many, but one thing is certain, this little town is gaining a reputation for basing its economy on one of the few thriving industries left in the nation: incarceration for drug possession.

Prior, Sierra Blanca had only been known as the place where New York City stores its human waste.


Willie Nelson Won’t Sing, Snoop Dogg Shrugs Off Narcotics Charges

Making light of the entire situation, a judge in this small town suggested that Willie Nelson pay his possession fine by singing the court a song, an offer Nelson refused prior to being forced to sit through an amateur country song played by none other than the judge himself. If you smell a miscarriage of justice, you may be smelling the other dominant smell in the small Texas town of Sierra Blanca.

While the legal system of Sierra Blanca may not take drug possession charges very seriously when celebrities are involved, these charges put anyone, even a famous person, in great jeopardy, risking the seizure of both their personal freedom and material property.

Seeking legal counsel when accused of drug possession, manufacturing, or trafficking is the wisest thing one can do, and you can bet that Willie Nelson, Snoop Doggy Dogg, and Armie Hammer did just that. Despite the folksy kindness offered Willie Nelson by the courts of Sierra Blanca, one should never take the risk of engaging the legal system without informed representation no matter what song the judge offers to sing you.