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Heir to the Playboy Empire Arrested for Assault


Playboy Heir Accused of Assault by Playboy Bunny

Sirens not wedding bells for this couple.

Marston Hefner, twenty-one year old son of Playboy founder Hugh Hefner, was taken into custody on charges of misdemeanor domestic violence against his girlfriend Claire Sinclair, Playmate of the Year 2011. Officers responding to a domestic violence report found evidence suggesting injuries consistent with Sinclair having potentially been the victim of assault.

Hefner was taken into custody and released after being held in lieu of bail.

“(Marston) was arrested without incident; it wasn’t really a big deal,” Pasadena police Lt. Rick Aversano said. “No one was transported to the hospital with an injury.”

While arguments between lovers can reach levels of passion that are neither healthy nor productive, the involvement of police officers turns a lovers’ spat into a legal matter. Marston Hefner was likely wise to avoid haggling with officers and keep his opinions to himself in the matter.


Marston Hefner and Claire Sinclair: An Argument for Good Behavior

Every word and action committed in witness of officers is admissible evidence against a defendant, and assault charges are taken very seriously very often. Good, polite behavior while enacting one’s right to remain silent until the arrival of one’s legal counsel, as illustrated by Mr. Hefner, while one awaits legal representation is a very wise move.

Arrangements have not been made for Marston Hefner to appear before the courts on these charges, but in a turn of events perhaps quite predictable. Claire Sinclair has taken an emergency restraining order out against Hefner just days before ending the relationship.

Claire Sinclair has since suggested in public interviews regarding the alleged assault that the fight between the two, while initially “about something silly,” escalated to the point that she “scratched” Hefner in self-defense. In further interviews, Sinclair declared her intention to drop charges against Hefner, but unfortunately, that is not how the legal system operates.

Now that the case is in the hands of police officers and the State of California, the case can move forward with or without the victim’s assistance.

Marston Hefner and Claire Sinclair make it clear that involving the legal system in your relationship is not a game and that accusations should never be taken lightly. Legal counsel may seem outside the realm of a lover’s quarrel but retaining counsel when faced with charges of assault of any nature is inherently wise.

Whatever comes of the now defunct Hefner-Sinclair Affair, the lesson perhaps for us all is that the legal system is not reality TV but instead something to be taken very seriously.