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Lindsay Lohan To Steal Show on SNL

Lindsay Lohan accused of theft

Lilo proven guilty of stealing the spotlight

Lindsay Lohan has been in trouble in the past for allegedly sticky fingers. The famous “mean girl” was once charged with felony theft in not one but two incidents involving a piece of jewelry in the past.  The big talk these days though is about her upcoming performance on SNL March 3rd.

Rumor has it Lilo can simply call up Lorne Michaels and get a spot hosting Saturday Night Live, and not to be too frank, but who would have thought the Lohan still had the sway?

Unfortunately for Lindsay Lohan, many of us think of her as a defendant instead of as a starlet anymore, and this is a PR nightmare for the actress. The SNL gig is a real opportunity for Lindsay to remind America that she is the girl from “Herbie: Fully Loaded” and not the girl who’s always fully loaded.


Lohan To Rebuild Career After Felony Theft Accusations

Lindsay Lohan is a good reminder that being accused of a crime is not the same thing as being convicted of that crime. In most incidents in which Lohan has been implicated, charges have been dropped or dismissed. So, while we may all remember the tabloid hysteria about Lilo’s crime sprees, the reality is that her record is far less blemished than is her reputation.

So, remember Lindsay Lohan and the many pieces of jewelry, jewels, and whatever else anyone can dream up to accuse her of stealing. Some say she even “stole” Justin Bieber’s virginity, but being accused of something is not at all the same as being convicted of that charge.

Lindsay Lohan’s lawyers are likely her best friends at this point, and the reason is simple. When the pressure of the entire legal system is upon you and the vultures are circling to enjoy the show, good counsel when accused of theft can truly be the difference between being accused and being convicted, a lesson we can all take away from Lindsay Lohan’s experiences.